We specialize in custom finishes such as wallpaper, trims and doors, and luxury walls. Stop by our showroom today. Our team cannot wait to bring your dreams to life!

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Is wallpaper the right finish for you? Often overlooked as a thing of the past, wallpaper can bring an elegant look to your home. As one of the top wallpaper specialists in the GTA, we make sure to install the perfect wallpaper design for your home. We are pleased to offer a variety of styles both for residential wallpaper and commercial wallpaper. We work with many types of wallpaper such as:

  • Liner wallpaper
  • Printed wallpaper
  • Textured wallpaper
  • Accent wallpaper
  • Vinyl wallpaper
  • Bamboo wallpaper
  • Foil wallpaper
  • Flock wallpaper
  • Murals
  • Grasscloth wallpaper
  • Peel-and-stick wallpaper

Check our blog post of tips & ideas when selecting wallpaper for your space before you start your project!

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At Prestige Painting & Contracting, we pride ourselves in offering our customers top-notch design and contracting service, which is what you’ll get with our wallpaper installation service. We provide a free design consultation to give you unique wallpaper designs. To get things started, we’ve listed a breakdown of how our service works below.


  1. Give us a call

    Our services are by appointment only. If you want detailed advice for your project, it’s best to give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our home experts. Upon the initial contact, we’ll provide you with an estimated quote. For general inquiries, you can always stop by our head office at Improve Canada Mall.

  2. Finalize the details

    You will work with a dedicated project manager to help determine the details of your project. Here we discuss factors such as colour consultations and sampling, wallpaper material, the scale of the project, and more.

  3. We’ll get the job done

    Once everything is final, we’ll set you up with a trusted contractor and begin the installation. Our wallpaper service is quick and professional. We can get the job done in less than a day!

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How much does it cost to install wallpaper?

Wallpaper installation cost varies depending on whether you install the material yourself or hire a wallpaper installation service.

How much does it cost to remove wallpaper?

Determining the wallpaper removal cost depends on multiple factors. The variables include accessibility, number of layers, and type of material. Get in touch with us to get an estimate on wallpaper removal.

How do I install wallpaper?

Installing wallpaper isn’t necessarily a difficult task. It is essential to have all the right tools for the job, such as a wallpaper roller and smoother, scissors, a sponge, a tape measure, and a taping knife.

What are wallpaper installation steps?

To install the wallpaper, we measure the correct amount, then use the adhesive to stick it to the wall. Cut off any excess material with your knife and use the roller and smoother for even application. To keep the wallpaper clean, we regularly use a sponge to remove any unnecessary adhesive while it’s still moist.

Is it cheaper to paint or install wallpaper?

Painting a room usually tends to be cheaper than installing wallpaper. The good thing about wallpaper is that it has proven to be a better long term investment, so over time the costs almost even out.

Make sure to swing by our office to view our selection of some of the most luxurious wallpapers in Toronto. Contact Prestige Painting & Contracting. We stand by our expertise and quality service.

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