How To Increase The Value Of Your Home By Removing The Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceilings were a common trend between the 1930s and the 1990s. A popular, trendy option which was applied commonly on ceiling is no longer aspired by today’s homebuyer as they used to be. Your homes ceilings being covered with these distinguishable bumpy, stucco ceilings are generally seen as dreadful and a complete turn off to modern day home buyers desires.

Popcorn ceilings were utilized as a way to prevent sound from travelling from within your home. Home builders also use popcorn ceilings as a strategic tool to cover imperfections on the ceilings.

popcorn ceiling

Considering the real estate market today, popcorn ceilings can actually make selling your home a challenge. You might be asking yourself if removing popcorn ceilings can increase the value of your home, absolutely. By removing popcorn ceilings from your bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, kitchens and washrooms, you actually have the potential of increasing the value of your home as well as providing your residents with a modernized look which homebuyers are anxiously looking for.

custom living room with popcorn ceiling

Removing this once popular trend and replacing it with a modern trend can significantly improve the appearance of your home as well as potentially increase the overall value of your home. Whether you are looking to give your interior a facelift or if you are remodeling to sell your home in this booming real estate market, removing popcorn ceilings is a significant step to modern day living.

It’s important to remember that homebuyers typically are not looking to renovate or put any work into their new home. When they see a home that has been renovated or modernized, primarily with popcorn ceiling removal, it can make a significant impact between the home remaining on the market compared to the home being sold fairly quickly.

Reasons you should for removing popcorn ceilings

amazing bedroom with popcorn ceiling
  • They make your home look outdated. You might have the most modern furnishing and appliances in your home, however popcorn ceilings can be spotted from a mile away. They are not visually appealing to home buyers today.
  • Popcorn ceilings dating back between the 1950s – 1980s raise the risk of asbestos which can be hazardous to your health and your household.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of popcorn ceilings are quite challenging. Popcorn ceilings can’t be wiped or washed. The recommended way to clean and maintain them will be to repaint them.
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To find out How To Increase The Value Of Your Home By Removing The Popcorn Ceiling, contact one of our experienced professionals today to help improve your home’s interior, bring fresh new ceiling finishes, concepts and ideas for modernizing your living space with the newest and most popular ceiling trends. If you are looking for a reputable popcorn ceiling removal company who stands by its quality of work, efficiency and service, call today for a free no obligation quote.