2020 Crown Moulding Ideas | Selecting The Right Design

Crown molding is a popular feature used to enhance the interior of your home. It can make a significant impact within an affordable budget. Installation of crown molding by Prestige Painting & Contractorsprovides an elegant look to any interior space. Installation of crown molding around the ceiling, windows, doorways and kitchen cabinets offers a classical look and grand appearance.

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Crown Molding Installation Around the Ceiling

Crown molding around the ceiling is considered one of the most popular locations. Whether the crown molding is painted, stained or left natural, a large selection of options and styles are available that will fit perfectly within your homes structure and layout. From classical design to modern styles of crown molding, our professionals at Prestige Painting & Contractorsguarantee a design trend that will highlight your home and aesthetics.

Crown Molding Installation Over A Doorway

During the installation of an interior door, we often see an opening between the door frame and the wall. A successful method to mask this opening is by installing a crown molding trim. By doing this, we are able to utilize the elegance of crown molding and also hide the gap between the frame and the wall.

We often see wall openings without mounted doors, they are left with a simple opening with no trim to decorate or highlight the area.

With the installation of crown molding on wall openings, we can significantly enhance the entrance to your space while providing an elegant lead-in to the next room adding class and style to the overall look and feel of your homes interior.

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Crown Molding Headers On Entry Doors

An extravagant and cost effective method of enhancing the exterior entry door is to install a classic crown molding design above the door. This crown molding concept can be compared to the installation of crown molding above kitchen cabinets.

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To learn more about 2020 Crown Moulding Ideas and Selecting The Right Design, contact one of our experienced professionals today to help improve your homes interior, bring fresh new painting concepts, ideas and modernize your living space with the newest and most popular colour combinations. If you are looking for a reputable crown molding company who stands by its quality of work, efficiency and service, call today for a free no obligation quote.